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R.A.C.C.E’s latest work in the community.

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Waterbury Superintendent, BOE, and Policing: Police Free Schools Campaign and #STOPtheMOU Updates

Over the last three months the school board, superintendent, and police chief worked behind closed doors to create a new agreement that makes things much worse for Waterbury students. This agreement should have been developed with community input. It was not and we tried to stop it.

Watch and Listen to the fire testimony below!

Over the years we have engaged school board members, school district officials, and the mayor about the cruel and racist impacts policing has on our BIPOC students in Waterbury. Despite the evidence our schools have just signed a new agreement that increases policing in our schools and reduces accountability for police officers. We fought to have the board of education table the agreement so that a more democratic process could take place but all but two voted in favor of this agreement. We thank Commissioner Harvey and Commissioner Brown for listening to the 100 plus fox who emailed the board and the 30 folx who spoke at the board meeting.

Let’s organize together. Join us for a 1:1 so we can learn how to support each other.

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