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We challenge systems of oppression by advocating for culturally competent educational practices. Our work focuses on areas that have the potential to achieve the greatest amount of positive change for students in the short-term.

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Police Free Schools

Across the country, harsh disciplinary practices that force children into the school to prison pipeline are favored more than our children's education.  This has to stop. We are fighting for an end to the school to prison pipeline by advocating for the removal of school resource officers from our public schools!

It's time to defund police in our schools and invest in resources that support and nurture our young people.


In 2020 and 2021 the Waterbury Public Schools were allocated $140 million in federal funding to aid our teachers, students, and families recover academically from Covid related school closures.  Our organizing and advocacy has prevented the schools from spending $60 million on school construction projects. Now we need your help to ensure more of those funds are invested in students and not construction projects.  #PeopleNotProperty

Air Monitoring Campaign

RACCE and Just Air have launched a partnership that will assist, guide, and report out hyper-local air quality monitoring results in neighborhoods and school communities across the city of Waterbury.

This project will use an Environmental Justice lens to address gaps in air quality data for neighborhoods that have a high density of folx living in poverty, specifically families and children who identify as Black or Hispanic/Latinx.

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