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R.A.C.C.E’s latest work in the community.

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RACCE Advocates For COVID Relief Funds To Be Invested In #PeopleNotProperty.

The American Rescue Plan (ARP) was created to provide immediate, direct relief to families bearing the brunt of the COVID-19 crisis, and support struggling communities.

Waterbury, CT’s plan to spend $57 million of their $89 million of American Rescue Plan on property is unprecedented as well as egregious. The $57 million is more than the next 20 school districts combined and more than the 10 school districts most similar to Waterbury in population and demographics. The Waterbury Public School district must accept and use the meaningful consultation from our community or risk further disenfranchising ELLs, students of color and their LGBTQIA+ peers.

Radical Advocates for Cross-Cultural Education (RACCE), has long pushed against this plan since the first round of funding in 2021. Join us in demanding Mayor O’Leary and Superintendent Ruffin to invest COVID relief funds in People NOT Property.

For more information about our plan, please click here.

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