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RACCE Members build power through justice-centered activities that increase resources and help reduce the unfair burdens that systemic racism places on Black and Brown communities.

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Base Building

As a member, you will work with your community to advance our common goal of having fair and just schools in Waterbury. Examples of some of the activities you will be assisting with are:

Phone Banking

Attend Membership Meetings


Event Tabling & Planning

Digital Outreach

Networking with other organizations

Leadership Development

We want to support and strengthen your individual set of skills. As a member, we will help you develop the confidence to conduct base building activities, participate in campaign initiatives that will increase the effectiveness in our community. You’ll expand your ability to take direct action, conduct debriefs on issues, participate in advocacy training, and grow your knowledge of the local political landscape.

Advancing Campaigns

Our members are dedicated to advancing our campaign goals. This demands strategic planning, speaking with elected officials and leaders, and building support from our members to track campaign progress. This will be done by attending coalition meetings, planning sessions, and board & committee meetings.

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