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systems of oppression

By advocating for culturally competent educational practices.

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 Our Mission 

Our mission is to challenge systems of oppression by advocating for culturally competent educational practices in Waterbury.

We believe the most effective way to triumph over systemic forms of oppression is to have an educational system that serves the historically underserved and underrepresented. 


We advocate for an educational system that is positioned to provide culturally competent school professionals and curriculum, human services, and disciplinary policies, which combat: generational poverty, achievement gaps, implicit and explicit biases towards race, ethnicity and gender.

Did You Know?


of all black male students were suspended in Waterbury compared to only 7.2% of white males

3.5 : 1

the rate that black male Waterbury students were suspended compares to white counterparts

7.5 : 1

the rate that hispanic Waterbury students have been arrested compared to their white counterparts


students who are suspended are three times more likely to end up in Juvenile Justice Systems

What We Do

We work with three groups: parents and students, school professionals, and legislators. Our goal is to be a community partner that closes the conceptual gaps between problems and solutions.

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 We work  independently to highlight research on current educational dilemmas such as the achievement gap, the school to prison pipeline, and the economic welfare of families in our community

 We participate  in and host community events that heighten awareness of the educational dilemmas in our community

 We target  laws and policies, policy makers, and legislators that influence the educational experience

 Join Us 

RACCE Members build power through justice-centered activities. If you’re interested in learning more or have any questions, reach out!

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What We're Working On

Police Free Schools

We are fighting for an end to the school to prison pipeline by advocating for the removal of school resource officers from our public schools


We demanded the State Board of Education to prevent the Waterbury Board of Ed from using ARP funds to purchase weapons detection for schools in Waterbury.

Air Monitoring Campaign

Assist, guide, and report out hyper-local air quality monitoring results in neighborhoods and school communities across the city of Waterbury.

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