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Dr. Arlene Garcia



Dr. Arlene Garcia is our other co-founder and currently the director of training, education and qualitative strategies. Dr. Garcia is a steadfast advocate as well as a clinician of therapeutic practices that assist folx in healing from the trauma we all experience from working for/in/with systems of oppression. Arlene has created and provided training for a myriad of professionals on cultural competency and racial equity. Email Arlene to find out how you or your organization can join one of our training sessions or affinity group cohorts.

Arlene is a licensed clinical social worker and possesses a doctoral degree in educational leadership from the University of Hartford. She is the Director of the Master and Bachelor of Social Work Program at the University of the Virgin Islands. Prior to this academic appointment, she served as a clinical social worker, program manager, and clinical program manager during her 15-year employment with the Connecticut State Department of Mental Health and Addictions Services. Dr. Garcia has a long history of advocating in her community for equity and social justice on behalf of at-risk populations. This includes educating practitioners on subjects related to race, ethnicity, organizational cultural competency, and diversity in conferences settings across the country. Dr. Garcia has two adult children and precious granddaughters Riley and Jade!

Dr. Arlene Garcia
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